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Hello! My friends and I have created a roleplaying chatroom. It is currently exclusive, so it is unavailable via link unless if specified otherwise. 
It may be released to the public at a later date.
So! Here are the official rules:

:bulletred: Be respectful :bulletred:

this means NO harassment. If you start insulting others out of character, you may be kicked.

:bulletyellow: NO PROFANITY :bulletyellow:

No rape jokes, murder, hate speech, etc in the chat, in character or not. Perpetrators will be banned upon third offense after warnings are issued.

:bulletgreen: NO GODMODDING :bulletgreen:

Not only is it extremely disrespectful, it is boring. Anyone who acts this way will be warned and eventually kicked/banned if they do not stop or their character is a blatant mary sue.

:bulletblue: NO SPAM :bulletblue:

Repeating the same message over and over, spamming faces/emoticons, etc, are all counted as spam. You will be kicked and noted on your first offense and silenced on your second. If you become unsilenced, your third offense is ban material.

HOW TO JOIN: (Not valid currently, but feel free to try)
- Message an Overlord of the chatroom (myself included)
- Send in a bio of your gemsona (or human, whatever) 
- Explain which situations you would like to roleplay (on earth, during the war, etc)
- Are they homeworld gems or earth gems? (note-crystal gems not available except for during war re-enactments) 
- Do not be upset if you are not linked or accepted. 

What do we qualify as a Mary Sue?
- A character who has several strong powers and many less weaknesses (ex: a 3:1 ratio)
- A character who follows several cliche'd tropes (tsundere, yandere, etc are these types of tropes in anime, for instance)
- A character who is rude, never wrong, a creator's pet/scrappy doo trope, or who is constantly defended by their creator despite several critiques of their actions
- A character who bends canon (which really is quite forgiving in SU, I don't know how you would do this)
- A character who interacts canonically with canon characters several times

What is hatespeech?
To our definition, it is:
- Violent hatred of a certain group, race, sexuality, etc
- Expressing this violence to others esp. the hated group/peoples
- Attempting to arouse violence towards any person(s) through your text messages
- Harassing others for their religion/identity/race/sexuality/etc

If any of these things have been said to you (outside of reasonable context of the roleplay, for example ooc messages), please tell an Administrator or an Overlord (owner). 

How do we RP?
- Roleplaying is done in script-style, unless specified or describing a setting/circumstance 
- OOC messages are in double parentheses/brackets. ex: ((This RP is fun)) / [[This is fun guys]]
- New characters other than your default OC (owned by you, no rping for anyone else in the chat) are introduced like this: (NAME): "_____"
(ex: Jade: I am a new character. My creator was originally roleplaying diamond but has switched to me for the moment)
- This new character will be assumed until you switch again using the same method. (ex: I am still Jade. Diamond: Now I have re-introduced and am roleplaying as Diamond)
- You will be put into a HOMEWORLD or EARTH gem category. No intermingling (unless if time period/circumstances dictates such). Crystal gems are currently locked but may be unlocked in war roleplays.
- Actions will be characterized by asterisks (ex: *Jade punches Diamond, the enemy, square in the piehole*)
- You may do this in third person, first person, or in a manner that shows your character's personality/your narrative's tone. (ex: *I punch her in the face, seeing as I am obviously right.*)
- This will be assumed as unreliable narration, or as humor/opinion. This does not qualify as godmodding (if done in the first person. Saying that your character is all-powerful will raise a red flag) ex: DO NOT say *JADE RIPS OFF HER ATTACKER'S LEG AS THE ULTIMATELY POWERFUL GEM*, say *Jade grabs ahold of Diamond's leg with a strong grip, almost seemingly ready to rip it out of the socket*. One is described metaphorically, and the other is just telling and OP.
-WE. WILL GO ONE AT A TIME. try to be polite and keep to the same story (and situation) as the other roleplayers. If you are separated into groups in the same situation, you may discuss things together. Try to keep it tidy, though.
-If you are fighting, wait for a response. Give an opening in attack, if you're going to use powerful ones. Try to have an even fight. If one is meant to lose, decide with your RP partner in OOC text. (Ex: Me: ((should Jade lose to Orange Calcite?)) Them: ((Yeah sounds good)) Me: *Jade swings hard, landing a solid punch on Calcite but leaving her gem exposed* Them: *Calcite takes the opportunity, and slams her hilt into Jade's gem, causing it to crack*)

Any labels, bans, kicks, etc are simply personal discretion based on these guidelines. If you believe that your ban/kick/silence was unfair, please message me or another Overlord personally (via notes, comments, etc)
If you believe that any of these rules should be modified, please contact me in the comments or privately via notes.
Please do not message us repeatedly if we do not like your character, have denied you access, or have banned you for the mary sue rule. It is our opinion and does not reflect your personal value.


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This is a new account that was created in an attempt to permanently discard my weeaboo days. Obviously, Peaches is not my real name; you may call me whatever you wish (and make any insults more clever than "fuckass", please).
Anyways, my original account was gogogirl108
I run a tumblr called, and I run a God tier blog their titled "". Please, give them a visit! :)


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